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shyThis chapter title is about “When to Tell & Knowing When to Ask?” I notice a new type of trend among working life class people in terms of relationship is that, they don’t seems to rush into a relationship. It’s a good thing and both sides can have more time to think and consider, however when do you know if it’s the right time to ask or the right time to tell? In this post, I will break it down to various considerable factors for individual to answer and hopefully you will be able to drawn a sense of epiphany from within. The considerable factors are Age / Religion / Personal Career / Working Environment / Time / Parental Factors and Financial Stability. Note: Pre-assumption made here is both party already have feelings towards one another. Let’s Begin… View full article »


Have you ever wonder what women think? For a second she might say something and on the other hand she will claim another. What should and shouldn’t be done? There are just too many questions. Of course 1 post is not enough to write about it all but let’s have a weekend day out with a girl and see what are the few important point to take note of.

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What's right and what's not?

Dear all, I’m back again to discuss on a topic between Relationship Love and Religion. What are the differences between these both are clearly distinguishable. However, not everyone is able to create a clear cut when one factor or the other inter-relate with one another. I have many friends that start of relationship as lovely as love birds, along the journey their relationship remain fruitful. However, when religion became part of the involvement, partners fails to see love in one another but instead their feeling begin to divert into an obligation of duty upon, “Religion”. Let me share some personal opinion and insight on what I think it should be. View full article »

Case 1 – Case 12

 ImageThe Innocent

This is a special edition post that wrap ups a summary version on all the people i had help in relationship issues to far. A friend of mine request to know about the happenings, thus i will keep the names confidential but instead reveal them as cases instead. It begin in early 2008, when i was still a young man and an innocent girl approach me and requested to be my girlfriend. However, at that point of time, i felt i was too ‘not innocent’ for her, so i decided to teach her abit on how to detect whether a guy likes you or not. Case 1 is always the unique one but that time my experience in relationship wasn’t that deep, therefore i believe i didn’t teach her much.

The Beginning

Case 2, begins in early 2009 where i start off my college life. I undergo some relationship issues and it became so out of hand that i had to change college, thus i wasn’t ready when this girl that i just met, begin to fall for me. The important point to take note from Case 2 is that, she has a mindset whereby she said, “1st boyfriend = 1st Husband” and stereotyping her by her looks and character, i was afraid that she will be deeply hurt. Thus, case 2 is also another relationship case whereby i teach her about basic relationship reality. Focus was on feeling controls and not let internity blinds reality. View full article »

Image      It has been months, ever since I’ve written a post that is relationship related. For as much as i know, i begun to step out a little while and now i return with new knowledge to share. Sometimes, like they all say, its good to think out of the box, but ill say its always wise to have a balance between both worlds. Love, what is love? Feelings of affection or physical satisfaction? All that is said and known, yet there are many people out there that have vast perception on what love is.

The world that spins around me at this era doesn’t seem as natural as it was the way love seems to find its natural course. Feelings and emotion that was once seen as care has now been perceive and attain by a different route, namely “Jealousy / Envy”. Everything in this world is a matter of comparison and without comparison; nothing continues its desirable needs.

What is love? What is love? What is falling in love? What is a relationship? These are all endeavours question that rise when one is confuse. What are friends with benefit? What are friends with no string attached? Is that being in or out of a relationship? There are just too many questions to ask. View full article »

Break Up, So what, Big Deal~                Months has passed and those who were following my post had most likely given up due to the long wait. Haha, sorry but i ran out of title and for those who realize, all my post and titles are inter-related so most likely you can mix and match to obtain the answer you are looking for. Nevertheless, an interesting title has been proposed and its titled to be, ‘How to recover after a break up’. Hard as it seems to be, it’s actually very simple and of course twisting as always, simple as it is, there is always a complexity to pay.

How to recover after a break up? The answer is working backwards and to know why you wanted a relationship in the first place (you may want to read the previous post, ‘Question to tackle before engaging into a relationship’) If you don’t know why you wanted a relationship, you wouldn’t know why it will end. Yes, you know how it end, but not exactly why it ended. For instance, if you wanted to be in a relationship because of accompany, and in the journey you found out that you have better accompany from a 3rd party or in another way, and wanted to break up, then this shows, ‘The reason for being into a relationship is also the same reason for bring you out’, Key word : Accompany. Sometimes, the problem might not lie on you and it may lie in the palm of your partner, that’s why you will need to know why he/she asked for your hand or accepted your hand at the first place. The first thought of being with you last throughout the relationship journey and in some reason, the magic to that aim is lost, things might turn out shaky and unstable. Therefore you will need to know the beginning to know the ending. Then readers might start to ask, “How is knowing the beginning and ending got to do with ways to recover after a break up?” Everything is related, a colored puzzle holds an important piece to the full image. View full article »

Its been awhile, its been a long while. However its time to write something off my finger tips again. In this post, titled as, “Hide to prevent or Reveal to obtain” discuss the relationship factors involve when someone take such precaution during a relationship. Should a person hide a certain way of doing things away from its partner or should the person be open, reveal everything to show loyalty to the partner? Lets begin…

As i had mentioned earlier in my other titles, relationship feelings can be obtained from either “Sight and Imagination” or “Physical and Mesmerization” A brief recap, when someone obtain the tinkle tickle feeling of love through sight are those who get attracted to someone at 1st sight. When someone gets more attention, begin to think more about that person and feel the sweetness in their heart, imagination has come into place. Ones will then say, “Im in love with that girl / He is so handsome that he melt my heart”. This could most probably come about internity blinds reality. The second way is by Physical, which means you get close contact with the person through touch interaction bringing about lust feelings in which ones will soon enough say the same thing, “Im in love with that girl / He is so handsome that he melt my heart”. Internity blinds reality comes into play as well, ones may not truly fall in love with the person after physical contact. OR i should say, the true meaning of love is deeply diverse into the means of physical contact. View full article »

            Do you remember the time when you gave your first kiss away? How was it like? How did you know when to give your first kiss away? Or could it be, you are still saving your first kiss for that special someone? There are just too many questions to ask yourself before giving out your first kiss. You feel afraid to give out your first kiss, and that is normal. Well, to the girls, they might be afraid, however, to the guys, there lies a different story. First kiss, the one and only beginning of a new journey. Before you give your first kiss away, you might want to know who you want to give it too. If he is your first boyfriend , then you have to know if he deserves your first kiss. I can say, the first kiss is much more important and dangerous than any other kisses. This is because…..

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Months has passed and another post is up. This time around ill explain on why setting an initial goal is important in a relationship. Many people started off their friendship and wonder elsewhere as the time flies. It could be because of lust, it could be because of peers pressure but in either way, before starting into a relationship, it is always important to tell the person you love, your feelings and your intension. In the following i will elaborate some examples on why some relationship seems perfect and all of a sudden the opposite occurs and why some relationship can be on and off that easily.

Common cases that do not work out  due to the fact that initials goals are not set are usually as such :

1) Problem : A boy met a girl. Hangs out with her and thinks she is funny and out going. He is a sociable guy but not as sociable as her. While being a guy that do not talk much and observe, he could see many qualities in her and fall for her. As time goes by, the girl may start to give him some minor gesture…Gesture such as a light pat on his back, pulling his shirt or pulling his arm to a certain direction. These little gesture will send in love feelings towards him. He thinks he has the chance and when they begin to hold hands…He thinks he got it. But the matter of fact, its not quite like it..(Click more to see the reason..) View full article »

Yaya..i know i didnt update my wall on “Author”, that’s because i was too busy but anyway, it time to make things run again. Hmm, lets see what i did today…
Woke up early  in the morning and head down to a computer shop to fix my laptop. The Cimos battery is dead and it take about Rm 120 to change. expensive..Rather pay my friend Rm 35 to finish it up for me…Some more my computer crash and can’t boot annoying, one whole night can’t how was it fix? Simple, just enter your Bios and change the HDD format from ACHI to ATA. But i think ill format my computer to Window 7 Professional 64Bit from Windows Vista Enterprise 32Bit..Hope all my sound system software are still compatible..^^,

On the way back home..i went pass Bukit Jalil and it was like..WOW…All the cars par beside the road side, measuring more than apprx 500m in length. Why? Liverpool Vs Malaysia! All the Football Kaki went to watch…

7.00pm, Went to my…err..duno how to relate’s wedding..Had a great dinner and took 2 picture with my cousin, Joan…(Below)..Haiz..didnt have time to take pictures with my other cousins..Anyway, i had a nice and enjoyable night..^__^

Cars parking, forming a long lane right next to the road, that goes into Bukit Jalil.All walk to see
Liverpool Vs Malaysia..


My cousin sister and I, Nice leh? ^__^

I don’t know when or how to start a relationship? Should i give him a chance? These are question that many ponders when they are about to start a relationship. Before we get into the “How’s” and the Do’s and Don’ts”, we must all know :

1) Why want to start off a Relationship,
2) What is expected from both our partner and us and
3) What can be given to us from the opposite party (our partner) vice versa.

As said always from the couple of other post, Expectation is always the key factor that drive a successful relationship and also the key factor that brings them down. Having the ability to clearly answer the 3 questions, one will be able to determine the answer to ho how he/she can have the confident in engaging in a relationship. Lets begin 1 by 1.

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Whao! Its good to be back. Its been 6 months ever since i updated my blog…i apologize to those who has been waiting for my post for so long, guess im just too busy. Nothing to worry about, im back again. In this post, i will be discussing the factors involved and faced for people who engaged into a long distance relationship meets.

Let me refresh your memory on what LDR can draw up to you. It brings out the best in both yourself and your partner and on the other hand, it can drive away either one of your love feelings. LDR is really for those people who are patient and don’t want to rush into things and most of all, are for those  people who are much more focus. But…the question will bring about to what happens…When…LDR becomes an interval of Physical? Meaning both couple meets and share some lovely experience together? Well..lets state down the points slowly.

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What is Love? Simple to ask, yet it’s difficult to answer. To be more accurate, its much better to ask, “What is Love Feelings?”. Teenage now a days could not identify truly whats the difference between the different types of Love Feelings. There are many ways in which a person can obtain “Love Feelings” but the main ones always narrows down to a few. So, What is Love Feelings?

Love Feelings are feelings you felt when you are in love! (=='” Sweat rite? everyone knows that), but most importantly, what im trying to say is that, Knowing the meaning behind it s not important at all, because everyone of us faces this love feelings at one time or the other, despite the fact you are in love or not. (You are going to feel it at any point at anytime, even knowing the meaning behind it, it will be a case of, “so what?” and ignorance is often the case, So, No point in knowing the meaning)

What’s important is that, How does this Love Feelings comes about?  I have told this to many people and some remembered and some don’t. Not because the can’t remember it, it’s just that they choose not to remember it. So, its your choice..^^,

Ok, lets get to the point. Love Feelings are normally seen presence in you, by mainly 2 major approaches. One is through, “Fascinating” and the other is by “Physical”. Its because of this “Love Feelings” that one, get involved in a relationship and its also a reason to why they break it up. View full article »

5.1 Sound System

A 5.1 Sound System consist of 5 speakers and 1 Subwoofer. The Satellites are categories as Front (2), Rear (6) and Center (3). ( The number is a reference from the image as seen on the left).
Speakers Placement and Angling.

Front Speakers should be place next to the Display, but the style of placement varies according to the Types of speakers you have. If you have a Floor Type Speakers, then you should just let it sit on the floor, facing the viewing at an angle of 22°-30°. If your speakers are in a “Bar” shape, then you should wall mount them. Place them far away from each other and make sure your display is right at the center. If you have a Studio Monitor type speakers (those that look like a box; big or small doesn’t matter), then its very much recommended if you place them on a Speaker Floor Stand.

Center speaker placement is rather simple. You can place them either right above the display or right below it. It doesn’t really matter, just make sure they are 0° calibrated, measuring from the viewer sitting position.

Rear Speaker is the speakers that brings magic to the whole system. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to experience your 5.1 Surround Sound. For these speakers, its highly recommended that you place this speakers on a Speaker Floor Stand and place them at an angle of 90°-110° measuring from 0° viewing angle.

Subwoofer can be place almost anywhere, beside your display or at the corner of your room (only do this if your sub woofer is not strong enough to travel to the audience as in audio system, anything goes at the corner gets amplified).

Its important to note that all your front and rear speakers are best to be calibrated at an elevation to your ear level (Tweeter at ear level).(Extra info for newbies : Tweeter are the one that make your sound projected from your speakers to be Sharp and Clear).

Speakers Role ‘n’ Properties.
The Role of your Front Speakers are to deliver music and sound effects. The center speakers is normally used to deliver dialogue/speech. The rear speakers delivers all the background noises and effects. Put all this together and you will get a full surround sound listening experience.

How to get started with my very own 5.1 surround sound system?
There are 2 approach to getting started. It all depends on your budget and how serious you want to go into it. Ofcourse, the more money you spend into it, the higher the quality, the more trill you get. However, it doesn’t mean the more money you spend into your system, you will get the best out of it. Skills and Tweaks also plays a role. To get started, you can walk into any of your retail shop and buy a set of plug and play 5.1 set. They are pretty good, but they are made more for gaming purposes. The complete set will cost at most about RM2K. The other way of obtaining your own 5.1 set it to buy the separate components. Go to professional audio shops and choose your own speakers. You might ask, “They how am i going to make this speakers alive?”. You will then need to buy a separate component known as Receiver. Ofcourse, this will easily cost above RM3K (Receiver only).

This is an example of a Receiver. The Denon AVR-1311 is an A/V receiver, with HDMI 3D, that can be connected to TVs and other 3D video compliant devices such as Blu-Ray disc players, game consoles, and set-top boxes. Of course, the AVR-1311 also supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and other HD Audio formats to give you the remarkable surround sound experience that is essential with 3D video. The AVR-1311 is further equipped with Compressed Audio Restorer to let you enjoy a more detailed, dynamic sound from compressed music sources, and a stereo mini jack on the front where you can conveniently connect your portable audio player.


This is a Logitech Z-5500. Build in THX system. Recommended for hardcore gamers. Have the capability of projecting surround sound effect. Cost at about RM1500-Rm1800. Elderly of working life who can earn abut 5K – 10K per month wouldn’t not really go for such package as it doesn’t bring out the classy standard and in quality wise is moderate, as to audiophiles satisfaction. However, for students who have abit of budget, and for those young teenage who love the powerful blasting bass experience, then no doubt this is remarkable dream for all. This little baby have the potential of blasting it bass to 188W! Normal sub woofer have the potential of hitting about 30W-80W.
The other factor that matter to audiophile is the response bandwidth. Frequency. Why? To audiophiles the lower and wider the range the better it is for them. This is because it shows that the speaker have the capabilities of picking up  more sound details. A good expensive speaker can have a range of frequency between 35Hz-20,000Hz while inexpensive speakers, response bandwidth is only between 110Hz-20,000Hz.

To read more about Logitech Z-5500 :


This is a JBL 5.1 Sound System. A very expensive set. It consist of LS60 Floor Stander, LS40 Stand Mounts, LSCENTER and LS120P 12″ Subwoofer. All the satellites measures at  75W  and the subwoofer delivers 400W of raw power! It have a capability of hitting a response bandwidth between 48Hz – 38,000Hz. This is a few thousand dollars of price difference from the Logitech Z-5500.

To read more JBL 5.1 :

Apple Apps

iPhone Application 2010 download links! (4.54GB)

Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04 Part 05 Part 06

Part 07 Part 08 Part 09 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18

Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24


Type of Sound Systems. (General Guideline)

2.1 Sound System.

Edifer 1380

2.1 sound system. 2 satellite (speakers) and 1 Subwoffer.Watts is the measurement of power. The higher the Watts, the more capable it is to do something. More powerful in another word. The higher the Watt in a Satellite, meaning it can withstand a higher power consumption, meaning it can go louder. For subwoffer, the higher the watt, the stronger the bass it can deliver. The harder the punch. A 2.1 Sound System is perfect for Audio listening experience. Click here to learn more about 2.1 sound system, eg : speaker placement.

5.1 Sound System

Edifier DA 5000

5.1 Sound System.5 satellite and 1 subwoffer. Have the ability to delivers Surround Sound. With its capability of delivering Surround Sound, it can enhance movie experience, causing viewers to feel as though they are in the movie themselves. With the same technique, gamers too will enjoy its Surround Sound effect as gamers will be able to get the extraordinary trill, delivers from each speakers from each side. 5.1 sound system is perfect for movies and gaming. Click here to learn more about 5.1 sound system speaker placement, eg: speaker placement.

7.1 Sound System

Creative S750

7.1 Sound System. 7 satellites, 1 subwoffer. A 7.1 sound system is still very new on the market and many audio and movies have not been written to suit a 7.1 sound system. This extra 2 speakers added on from a 5.1 sound system is normally place parallel to the screen, right behind the viewer. This will provide a more intense surround sound experience as compared to a 5.1 sound system. Perfect for movies, gaming and live performances. A 7.1 set up is the same set up with the 5.1 except 2 extra speakers are added at the very end, right behind of the viewers. Not many movies are encoded to match a 7.1 setup.

Click here if you are interested to go through a series of step, in knowing the basic to build your very own home theater system.


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Welcome to my page. I’ m a person who likes to help people in relationships, disregarding which country they come from, what age, gender and race they are.Read on some of my post in the “Relationship” page to find out more. If you find me good, subscribed to my website. If not, well, you can always choose to click the ‘X’ button. ^^

As a side line, i have deep passion in sound system, i don’t just listen to music that is clear with high fidelity but also to music with great recording qualities. I research in dept into professional high end sound system for years, giving my sufficient knowledge to be able to share it with my fellow readers. Visit my  “Audiophiles” page to understand more about sound systems and my “YouTube” page to check out some remix samples of mine.

I listen to music from all over the world, totaling of over 13 countries. This includes, Korea, Japan, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Poland, Belgium, India and Tibet. However, i do have some favorite and just to name a few, they are  Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. You can visit my “Music” page to discover more about the type of Music i listen to.

The type of music that i listen to, can as be old as the 70s Classic and as new as the 21th Century Gothic Rock. Music is everything to me. It controls my emotion, it plays around with my feelings and it is also the key to my daily work determination.

Currently, im 19, and im majoring in Software Engineering.



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Welcome to the Music page. The page where all music are brought to life. In this page, i will be sharing albums of your favorite artist.

Artists made available in this Music download page, varies from all around the world and this mainly includes countries like, US, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. From time to time, this page will be updated, so stay tune and download your latest album as soon as it’s being release!

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A Brief Introduction.

Hi, my name is Etara and in other part of the world, im known as Somwhang. Welcome to my Website.

In this website, there are 5 main categories. “Author“, Relationship“, “Audiophiles“, “Music” and “Youtube“.


For some of you guys out there that do not know me and do not know what i do, i help people in relationship matters. I talk to people, i give advices and generally i brighten up people’s day. If you have any relationship matters that need to be answered, feel free to drop by and comment or send me an email regarding on your problems. Of course, all ‘cases’ will be kept confidential. I have been through quite a few relationships, help numerous couples and been to counseling sessions to enhance my knowledge. Today, I open my page, “Relationship” to help anyone, disregarding you are facing a relationship problem or a friendship problem or even you just want to ask, out of curiosity, go ahead, type me something and ill get back to you. Don’t believe i can help? lol..try me..^^ Read more…


In the “Author” section, i will be posting up things regarding on the things i see, as in Interesting stuff. You can always drop by to see whats new and whats hot in the current society. I will be posting up general information that will seems / might seems helpful and relevant to some. It will include some daily life about myself. Generally, its just like a blog. Read more…


In the 3rd section, “Audiophiles“, information such as Sound System will be shared. I personally is an audio maniac, and i do know there are many out there who are of the same kind as me, so i created this section for all the music lovers out there. If you want to know more about sound systems like what does 2.1 means, or you want to know how to set up, your very own home theater system, this is the right place to be.  Read more…


In the Music section, details of artist album’s will be display. Check out this interesting pages as there will be many music downloads made  available. Not mentioning rare ones too. Artist varies from all over the world including USA, Korean, Japan and Taiwan ^^, See you soon..and stay tune for the latest. Read more…

YouTube. ζ

I have edited some Music Videos (MV), on which modification on the audio part is made, enabling listeners to experience a  higher audio quality music video (haqmv). To know more about it, visit my YouTube Channel or you can even search for “Etara YouTube Channel” in Google to see it. Any Video found in YouTube with the naming [MV HAQ] then you can be sure that its my edited videos. With over 45,ooo video viewers and still counting, im sure there is something there for you.. Visit now

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